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The MYTH ecosystem is comprised of two core verticals:


As a Web3 Game Studio and Publisher, we're reshaping the gaming landscape with our innovative games and digital collectibles.

By integrating Web3 economies and NFTs, we empower you, the player, to take control of your gaming experience in an exciting new way. Dive into the future of gaming and entertainment with MYTH!


We provide comprehensive solutions for transitioning Web2 projects into the Web3 sphere through consultation, design, and development.

Additionally, we construct robust infrastructure and marketplaces for NFT minting and trading along with the upcoming social questing platform. Partner with MYTH and bring your gaming project into the future!

MYTH: A GameFi Revolution in the Making

Welcome to the future of gaming, where MYTH is set to disrupt the status quo and redefine the digital landscape. We're a cutting-edge digital entertainment studio, leading the charge in the integration of gaming and the metaverse with Web3 technologies. We're not just changing the game; we're creating an unprecedented, immersive universe that merges digital entertainment and Web 3.0 into one seamless player experience.

Our flagship project, Hex Mythica, is no ordinary Roguelite game. It's the beating heart of our GameFi Ecosystem, a revolutionary world crafted from an expansive 200-page world book, complete with ever-evolving storylines and community-generated content. Hex Mythica, the ultimate competitive turn-based deck builder Roguelite.

Dominate the Maelstrom Tower by smashing through infinite procedurally generated dungeon maps. Power your way to legendary victories – all for epic real world rewards at the end of each season!

Development partners:


But that's not all! In collaboration with Heavy Metal Magazine, we're developing Unrivalled, a CCG based on the Realms of Hex Mythica, merging CCG's with RPGs.

Expanding the Realm of Possibilities

We're not stopping there. MYTH has launched an exclusive NFT Marketplace and Launchpad, engineered to fuel the growth of our ecosystem and extend our GameFi offerings to other creators. We're also pioneering 'Vivaria,' an AI-driven Metaverse Builder, and 'MythicVerse,' a shared platform for all MYTH partners, cementing our commitment to fostering a vibrant gaming community.

MYTH - A Unique Approach to Web3.0

MYTH's core mission, aside from our Flagship products, is to help transition pre-existing Web2.0 brands and intellectual properties into the Web3.0 space through game development, gamified and metaverse experiences, and digital collectibles. This is achieved by leveraging MYTH's extensive IP management network to engage pre-existing fan bases.

MYTH's unique set of tokenomics revolve around the MYTHx token and its innovative staking model that takes traditional business economics and applies a Web3.0 twist, providing true asset ownership for the end-user and utilising blockchain technology where truly applicable to enhance the value of any services and production.

With a vast network across multiple industries, MYTH's content source is inexhaustible. In addition, MYTH has a large advisory network in both the Web2.0 and Web3.0 spaces, providing further support and guidance.

One Token to Rule Them All: MYTHx

MYTHx isn't just another token. It's the lifeblood of our ecosystem, powering everything from utility and staking to DAO, rewards, and more!

The MYTH NFT Access Passes

Meet our Infinite Redeemers 8,888 pulsing mystical orbs of energy that bind all MYTH projects together.

Each Infinite Redeemer NFT serves as an all-access pass, providing holders with a unique opportunity to be part of the growth and evolution of the Myths Ecosystem. The three-tiered approach to NFT minting — with different tiers offering varied benefits — ensures that every member can participate and reap rewards according to their level of investment.

Infinite Redeemers

  • Supply: 8888

  • Mint price: $80

  • Exclusive token gated Quests on MYTH platform

  • Game asset drops

  • Enhanced Earnings and access to leaderboards

  • Partner launch whitelist access

  • Early Alpha access

  • Early partner Alpha access

  • Exclusive Discord channel and behind scenes access

Get your Infinite Redeemer here and support our mission!

More than Games: MYTH Digital Collectibles and Publishing

We're revolutionizing the way fans interact with their favorite content. Our Fan Fiction 3.0 is a publishing platform for community-created content, while Artefy offers licensed digital artwork from masters of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. We're also innovating with comic books and graphic novels through partnerships with Heavy Metal Magazine and Aftershock Comics.

The MYTH Marketplace and Launchpad

The MYTH Market is your one-stop-shop for digital collectibles, NFT drops, and games, all powered by MYTHx. Our Launchpad provides a platform for NFT offerings ranging from GameFi to Art and Gamified Collectibles.

MYTH Dashboard

Track and reward user behavior and participation across our platform with our user dashboard and custom loyalty program.

A Vision for the Future

As we expand, MYTH aims to transition existing brands, games, and intellectual properties into the Web3.0 space. We'll leverage our extensive IP management advisory network to engage pre-existing fan bases and offer plug & play launch solutions.

At its core, MYTH revolves around the innovative MYTHx token and its groundbreaking staking model, providing true asset ownership for end-users along with revenue-driven benefits.

Join us as we funnel projects into our ecosystem, connecting all through a unified tokenomics system. The future of gaming is here, and it's called MYTH. Get ready for the revolution!

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